• Corporate Social Responsibilities


    CSR Committee Formation :
    The composition of the CSR Committee

    1. Mr. Anshu Kejriwal (DIN: 00461597) - Chairman
    2. Mrs. Deepa Kejriwal (DIN: 00461675) - Member
    3. Mr. Satyabodh Bhagat (DIN: 00461655) - Member

    Anit corruption & anti bribery policy

    Anit discrimination & Anti Harassment policy

    Code of conduct

    Conflict of interest policy

    Grievance mechanism

    Supplier code of conduct


    CSR Project Approved by the Board of the Directors of the Company:

    Sr. No Name/Details of the Implementing Agency CSR Project/Activity Identified Sector in which the project is covered Location of Project/ Programme (Local Area or State/ District
    1. Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati Charitable Trust Shankaracharya Netralaya Promoting health care Including preventive health care Clause (ii) in Schedule VII Promoting health care Including preventive health care/ Patients eye care and operations Narsingh Pur, MP